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The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: Jack Victor

Jack Victor Mansour's Menswear Nova Scotia

Quality suits have been a staple at Mansour’s for all of our 93 years.

One of the most popular brands we carry is Jack Victor. Like the majority of Mansour’s products Jack Victor has its own rich history.

Jack Wigdorovici, similar to our own Mike Mansour began his company by selling ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing door-to-door from a pack on his back. Soon enough he was able to save money to buy a horse and wagon and expand his selling territory. In 1909 the first Jack Victor store was opened in La Tuque Quebec. Throughout  the 40’s and 50’s Victor expanded and became the brand that we now know as Jack Victor.

Today Jack Victor is Designed and produced exclusively in Montreal, Canada. Jack Victor products incorporate the very best fabrics and materials and are available for purchase across the United States and Canada, in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Central America.

Visit us at Mansour’s and we will help you find the perfect Jack Victor suit, sport coat or even fit you for a custom made suit, made right here in Canada. If you can’t make it in visit us online at or call the order desk 1-800-929-3992.

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